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Organic goodness from our family farm

It doesn't get more local than this.

Fresh Breeze Organic is certified as an organic producer and processor in the State of Washington.  The processing plant is across the street and less than a quarter milk from the farm.  The milk goes from the barn to processing plant so you can rest soundly knowing your milk hasn't spent the day traveling from farm to farm in a tanker truck before it arrives at the processing plant.


Fresh Breeze Organic bottles are filled with the freshest milk that has only spent a few minutes in transit across the street, so when we say local we truly mean local.

Glass Bottles or Plastic Jugs

The choice of packaging is yours

Whole Milk

the perfect mid-afternoon snack

Reduced Fat 2% Milk

All the taste with less fat than whole

Local goodness without skimping on flavor. Our full bodied reduced fat milk has less fat but with all the creamy flavor whole.  

Low Fat 1% Milk

All star milk for weight loss and low calorie diets

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